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Microsuction – The Safest Method For Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction is a safe, effective, and comfortable method of extracting earwax from your ears. Commonly recommended when other treatments such as drops or medication have not worked to clear up an obstruction, the procedure takes only minutes and usually remains relatively pain-free.

Process involves having an ear canal examined with either a microscope or an otoscope and having it suctioned dry to significantly decrease risk of infection.

It’s Safe

Microsuction is one of the safest and most advanced methods available for removing ear wax. A doctor will examine your ears with a microscope or special otoscope that magnifies both ear canal and drum to clearly view what they’re dealing with, before using a small suction device similar to an upright vacuum to carefully extract wax and debris from your ear canal using micro-suction suction technology. The procedure itself is quick, painless, and comfortable – you may feel some mild pressure briefly at your ear canal entrance but this should pass shortly afterwards.

Microsuction does not involve softening wax beforehand like ear syringing does, making it often faster and less messy than its counterpart. Furthermore, this approach is safe for people with perforated eardrums, grommets, or mastoid cavities as there’s no risk of water entering their ear canal through flushing water into it.

Microsuction ear wax removal usually only results in temporary dizziness or vertigo due to cooling off your ear canal temperature during removal; this should only last briefly. Some individuals may also experience fullness or ringing in their ears while having the wax removed – this should pass quickly though!

Ear wax buildup can lead to various uncomfortable symptoms, including tinnitus (ringing in the ears), earache, and blockages. If this is a frequent occurrence for you, removal should take place safely and promptly before it builds too much and causes issues. Proactive removal services should be booked every 4-6 months as a preventive measure.

If you would like to book in for ear wax removal at your nearest Tympahealth clinic, call one today. Our ear care specialists specialize in using safe and effective removal techniques that can remove your wax efficiently – relieving tinnitus, earache and blocked ears in no time at all! You can easily book an appointment either online or over the phone now – we also have friendly team available who are happy to answer any queries regarding the process!

It’s Effective

Ear wax is an integral component of human ears; it protects them from infections while keeping the ears lubricated to reduce itching. If ear wax build up becomes excessive, however, it can lead to hearing loss, tinnitus and other discomforts – professional microsuction is usually the most efficient way of eliminating excessive build up in ears.

Microsuction, unlike ear irrigation, is a dry and hygienic procedure. An experienced audiologist will use a binocular microscope or otoscope to examine your ears before gently extracting any wax buildup using a suction device that looks similar to a small hoover.

This procedure is safe, quick and painless – greatly reducing the risk of infection while eliminating water entering into the ear, which can be painful or uncomfortable – it’s even suitable for people with perforated ears!

Note, however, that any procedure could result in temporary short term hearing loss due to equipment making noise which could disturb ear canal and cause or worsen existing tinnitus symptoms.

There is always the risk that sudden movements during the procedure could damage an ear canal or drum; however, such cases are extremely unlikely as all tools used are single-use and will be disposed of after their use is completed.

Even though aural microsuction is one of the safest and most effective ways of removing ear wax, it’s still wise to get regular hearing assessments with an experienced audiology team. They can help prevent future build up as well as identify any discomfort, irritation or hearing loss and recommend the most suitable treatments to meet each person’s specific ear conditions and ensure healthy ears that function effectively. Get in touch with our clinic now to schedule your hearing assessment appointment!

It’s Comfortable

Microsuction is a pain-free procedure unlike traditional ear syringing. An audiologist will insert a thin tube into your ear canal and use low suction to gently extract all the wax that has built up within. However, it may take multiple attempts before all the wax has been extracted due to it hardening in its way out of your canal and impacting on surrounding tissue – to avoid this happening it is recommended you use cerumenolytic drops or softening oils prior to attending an appointment.

Microsuction may seem scary or painful at first glance, but the process is actually safe and comfortable for most. If you are particularly sensitive, however, talk with your audiology practitioner prior to beginning as they may suggest alternative means for removing earwax such as irrigation instead.

Microsuction uses no water when cleaning out your ear canal, providing an advantage over traditional ear syringing in that no damage to the canal or even perforation of your ear drum can occur due to improper application. Furthermore, this method can quickly extract much earwax.

Before initiating microsuction treatment, an audiologist will first use a microscope or small camera to carefully examine your ear canal before asking you a few questions about your medical history and to ensure you are eligible. Once they have an unobstructed view of the canal, the audiologist will use an attachment called a “wand-type sucker” to remove any wax buildup in it using gentle suction suctioning techniques.

While performing microsuction, you may experience some minor discomfort due to having your ear canal ‘cooled’; however, this should last only a few minutes and shouldn’t interfere with everyday activities too greatly. Remember though that it remains one of the safest and most effective means of eliminating earwax when other methods don’t work.

It’s Quick

Microsuction may provide the ideal solution to discomforting symptoms such as tinnitus, earache and dizziness caused by excess earwax accumulation in your ears. Microsuction offers a quick and safe method for extracting wax that often causes discomfort for patients as well as infections in some instances.

Audiologists perform this procedure using either a microscope or binocular loupes before using a device with a thin tube to suction away earwax from your canals. Usually painless and completed quickly; you have the choice between using either the vacuum or forceps as more gentle solutions than traditional syringes can be found today.

Microsuction differs from syringing by breaking up and suctioning away hard earwax more effectively; its suction action reduces the risk that an audiologist will accidentally push it back into your ear canal, potentially leading to future blockages.

As such, microsuction procedures often do not require the use of wax softening products prior to treatment, saving both time and money for patients. An audiologist may still ask his or her patient to apply a wax softener spray prior to microsuction to help lessen any potential discomfort during their procedure.

There are several over-the-counter earwax softeners available for purchase to help prepare ears for microsuction treatments, reducing any risk of discomfort or irritation during microsuction sessions. Use one a few days prior to any session in order to maximise results and minimize side effects.

Professional audiologists provide more extensive advice and support than over-the-counter wax removal products to those looking to reduce earwax build-up in their ear canal, including tips on how to safely and effectively remove it at home with hearing aids as well as full assessments for signs of damage or disease to both ear canal and eardrum.

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