The Hearing Rehabilitation Process

The Hearing Rehabilitation Process is a comprehensive approach, meticulously developed to support you reintegrating into the world of sound in a gradual and thoughtful manner.

This program is just one component of a range of solutions your dedicated Hearing Care Professional selects specifically for you, based on a thorough assessment and your unique needs.

Better Hearing Outcomes

Adjusting to new sounds can be a big step, and we understand it might feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why we expertly guide you through our six-week rehabilitation process.

At the heart of this process is a focus on both teaching you how to make the most of your hearing system and helping you acclimatise to the experience of hearing again. Your journey through this process is highly personalised, delivered carefully in planned stages that enhance your auditory experience and allow you brain to adjust to the extra processing required. 

The Hearing Rehabilitation Process adopts an integrated approach, considering both the mechanical aspects of hearing and the cognitive processes involved, as well as your lifestyle and specific requirements.

This process of gradual rehabilitation has been proven to improve hearing outcomes and speech intelligibility. For full details see below.


Hearing System Fitting

The initial setup of your hearing aids includes thorough verification tests for peak performance.

We ensure you’re comfortable and confident with your device by offering detailed explanations and practical demonstrations, emphasising hands-on practice. 

We will work on subjective sound quality including the sound of your own voice.

Rehabilitation Session 1

This session will enable us to begin understanding how your hearing system  functions in real-world situations, include the fit, positive experiences, and negative encounters.

It’s these subjective experiences that allow us to finely tune your hearing system for optimal performance tailored to you.

Rehabilitation Session 2

By now, you should be experiencing noticeable improvements, feeling physically at ease with the device, and becoming more familiar with the enhanced sound world. 

We will further assess your progress, the advantages you’re experiencing, and the appropriateness of the device for your needs.

Through additional evaluations and adjustments, we’ll progress further towards your optimal prescription.

Rehabilitation Session 3

This appointment will consist of the final adjustments to achieve your most natural hearing.

Your audiologist will once again go over how to best look after your system.If you are happy and confident you are now hearing at your best your audiologist will sign you off  for regular 6 monthly check ups.

Remember, your audiologist is always available for consultations should you require further assistance or have any concerns.

6 Monthly Follow Ups

Every 6 months you will be contacted to come in and see your audiologist. This appointment can be used to make any adjustments you feel would benefit your hearing. 

Your audiologist will also carry out some health checks of your ears and service your hearing system.

Annual Re-Assessment

On each anniversary of your initial test, we reassess your hearing to identify any changes. Based on this, we adjust your hearing aids to match your current needs, ensuring your system adapts with you. This approach guarantees consistent, optimal hearing from year one to year five and beyond

Learn More About the Importance Of Hearing Rehabilitation

Arrange a free phone call or in-person consultation today to further discuss how hearing rehabilitation could significantly benefit you. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smoother transition to the hearing you want.

Let us help you rediscover the joy of sound.

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