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At Kensington Hearing, we provide comprehensive audiology services in London, delivering the highest standards of hearing care. If you are suffering from blocked ears or hearing loss our team of highly skilled HCPC registered audiologists specialise in providing proven and efficient treatments to restore your hearing.

Welcome to Kensington Hearing

Kensington Hearing offers professional audiology services in London.

Our clinic, equipped with innovative medical-grade technology and a dedicated team of experienced audiologists, offers an extensive range of essential and advanced services, including ear wax removal, hearing tests, and hearing aids.

Lady has here examined to ensure that it is safe for microsuction, at a London clinic.
Sharni Jhurry
Sharni Jhurry
I went because I thought I had Ear wax, however, I did not. Ben was very helpful and gave me a hearing test to re assure me about my hearing. Would recommend Kensington Hearing.
kapila verma
kapila verma
I recently visited London and had a blocked ear. They removed my ear wax the same day, Very happy with the service.
I saw Ben yesterday. I had both ears cleaned. He kindly did this procedure by hand. I suffer with Tinnitus and I wasn’t keen on the noise of the suction machine. He has kept me updated from the moment I booked until my visit. Totally professional from start to finish. Very reasonable price. I would recommend this service to anyone that has any hearing needs. Thank You Ben.
Paul Humphries
Paul Humphries
Best ear wax treatment i have ever had. I have been to other clinics in the past but this is by far the best in London. Thank you Ben. I will definitely be back
Kreshnik Gjakolli
Kreshnik Gjakolli
I’ve been to visit Ben twice this year, both experiences have been great! Highly recommended for ear wax removal. Smooth procedure, and fantastic customer service displayed by Ben.
Ruth Rigby
Ruth Rigby
Ben is incredible at what he does - I have referred many people to his service and have seen him treat each person with respect, warmth and kindness. He has a can-do attitude and always looks for solutions, he is also passionate about aftercare and continuing to support the person long term. He has a holistic approach and really listens to the person and what is important to them. Highly recommended!
Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Excellent Customer Service, Ben is extremely professional with his line of work Had problems with ears the day before flying away on holidays and he found time to fit me in to resolve the problem, can’t thank him enough for that👏🏽 Highly recommend👂🏽
M Matred
M Matred
My first hearing test with Mr ben ,as a check up and was impressed by the service by Sumit. He was extremely professional, personable and explained everything in detail. Would definitely recommend.
Aoibhinn O'Sullivan
Aoibhinn O'Sullivan
Fantastic service. Able to book a same day appointment for micro suction. Very quick and pain free. Thank you so much Ben!
Strong Bros Partners
Strong Bros Partners
This was the best experience in my life. Excellent team! Amazing result! I can hear really well!!!
Our Services

Hearing Care for All of london

Our private hearing clinic in London provides a full range of hearing care services. All our hearing care is carried out by HCPC-registered Audiologists, to ensure unparalleled safety. 

Patient signing her consent form for a hearing test

Ear Wax Removal

Professional ear wax removal, performed in our London clinic or in the comfort of your home. If you are suffering from blocked ears or need your ears cleaned, we can help. At Kensington Hearing, we employ safe, efficient, and comfortable techniques to ensure your ears remain clear of wax and healthy. All procedures are performed by HCPC regulated Audiologist.

Hearing Tests

A complete hearing test with an audiologist is pain-free and takes an hour to complete. Conducted in our well-equipped London clinic, we can help you better understand your hearing loss. Using advanced technology and techniques, we identify and assess any hearing issues, helping you understand your own hearing health better.

Modern hearing aids fitted by audiologists

Quality Hearing Aids

At Kensington Hearing, we recognise the significance of finding the ideal hearing aid. As an independent provider, we guarantee to recommend the most suitable type of hearing aid for your individual hearing loss and lifestyle. Our audiologists take pride in restoring patients' hearing, understanding that the care you receive is equally as crucial as the hearing device itself. With our comprehensive aftercare program, we remain dedicated to your long-term hearing health and the lifespan of your hearing aid. With 6 monthly check-ups and annual re calibrations.

Advanced mobile equipment for safe and effective ear wax removal at home

Home Visits

Experience the convenience of Kensington Hearing's services for ear wax removal and hearing tests right in the comfort of your own home or office. Don't let the challenges of navigating London hinder your access to quality care. If you are unable to visit our Kensington clinic, we've got you covered with our mobile services. Your safety is paramount to us, and our equipment is specially designed for on-the-go appointments. In most instances, if you are local we can help you the same day.

Effective and Safe Manual Ear Wax Removal Tools for Gentle Ear Cleaning

“I made a booking, and within 24 hours my ear which had no hearing in was finally treated”

– Joanne Dynott (Google)

Our Process

Easy Steps To Get Your Ears Cleaned

If you are experiencing hearing loss or muffled hearing, it could be that your canals are simply blocked with ear wax and need to be cleaned. Microsuction can instantly restore hearing and clarity in less than 20 minutes.

  • Make an Appointment

    You can book online or call us to make your appointment.

  • Oil Your Ears

    Oiling your ears is no longer essential to ear wax removal, however, a few drops the night before can help. We recommend Earol.

  • Audiologist Removes Wax

    Your Audiologist will assess your ears using Otoscopy. Then explain the procedure in full, before gently removing the wax.

  • After care

    Once the ear wax has been removed, you will need to keep your ears dry for 72 hours.

Our Ear Care Guarantee

At Kensington Hearing, we pride ourselves on our professional standards and patient-centric approach. That is why you will only ever see a HCPC-registered audiologist, with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in ear wax removal. 

For our ear wax removal service, we offer a satisfaction guarantee: if we’re unable to complete your ear wax removal on the first visit, subsequent visits to clear your ear are absolutely free of charge.

This guarantee is our commitment to you – that we will provide you with the highest level of hearing care. It reflects our dedication to your hearing and well-being, ensuring that your experience with Kensington Hearing is a happy one.

With over 3000 satisfied patients we are confident in our ear care guarantee. 

Logo of the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), demonstrating that as an audiologist, I am regulated and adhere to professional standards for high-quality care.
About Kensington Hearing

Our Audiologists are Experienced and dedicated to helping your hearing

Every Kensington Hearing patient is treated by an HCPC-registered audiologist. Many of our competitors use under qualified ear wax technicians who have no affiliation with the Health Care Professional Council and are largely unregulated.  

Seeing a qualified audiologist means that they can also answer in-depth any further concerns you may have about your hearing and in those rare instances that your hearing problem is not ear wax they will be able to help you by carrying out other tests. Ensuring that you get the help that you need. 

5+ Years Of Experiences

All our Audiologists have 5+ experience at performing ear wax removal.

Standards of Treatment

We perform all audiometry to the highest standard and follow strict BSA guidelines.

London Based audiologist smiling at the Kensington Hearing clinic.
Find Us Easily

Audiology Clinic In Kensington

Kensington Hearing’s ear wax clinic is ideally placed for patients in Kensington, Hammersmith and West London.

Located a two-minute walk from Notting Hill Gate station, with links to the Central Line, Circle Line & District line.

Kensington High Street tube station is just a five-minute walk away.

If you are travelling by bus there are many routes to reach our ear wax clinic, with numerous bus stops on Kensington Church St, the closest stop Palace Gardens Terrace is less than a one-minute walk away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kensington Hearing is your independent audiology clinic in the heart of London. We understand that hearing loss can significantly impact your quality of life, and we’re here to help. Here are some common questions we receive from our patients and visitors:

What is hearing loss and what causes it?

Hearing loss is a reduction in the ability to hear sounds. It can be caused by many factors, including ageing, exposure to loud noise or music, certain medications, and diseases such as Meniere’s disease and acoustic neuroma.

What is tinnitus and how is it related to hearing loss?

Tinnitus is the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. It’s often associated with hearing loss and can be a symptom of conditions like Meniere’s disease or acoustic neuroma. However, in most cases, the cause of tinnitus is never found. 

What is vertigo and how does it relate to balance disorders?

Vertigo is a sensation of feeling off balance, often described as a spinning sensation. It can be a symptom of a balance disorder, often caused by issues in the inner ear or brain.

What is Meniere’s disease?

Meniere’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear that can lead to dizzy spells (vertigo), tinnitus, hearing loss, and a feeling of fullness or congestion in the ear.

What is an acoustic neuroma?

An acoustic neuroma is a benign tumour that develops on the nerve that connects the ear to the brain. It can cause hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance problems. In the very rare instance of an acoustic neuroma being present single-sided hearing loss can be the first warning sign and is a reason for medical referral. 

What is a cochlear implant and who can benefit from it? 

A cochlear implant is a device that can be surgically implanted into the ear to help people with severe hearing loss or deafness hear again. It can be beneficial for those who have profound hearing loss and would get no useable hearing from a hearing aid.

What is aural rehabilitation?

Aural rehabilitation is a type of therapy that helps people with hearing loss improve their communication skills and quality of life. It can include lip reading, auditory training, and counselling. 

What is a paediatric hearing assessment? 

A paediatric hearing assessment is a series of tests designed to evaluate a child’s hearing. It’s crucial for early detection and treatment of hearing problems in children. It is not something that we provide at Kensington Hearing. 

What services does Kensington Hearing offer?

At Kensington Hearing, we offer a wide range of services including hearing assessments, hearing aids, aural rehabilitation, ear wax removal and more. We also provide family support and suggest workshops to help our patients and their families navigate their hearing journey.

How can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by calling our clinic or through our website. We work closely with GP practices, ENT consultants, and hospitals to provide comprehensive care.

What facilities does Kensington Hearing have?

Our audiology clinic is equipped with market-leading equipment for hearing testing. We also have comfortable consultation rooms and a welcoming reception area for our patients and visitors.

How can I stay updated with Kensington Hearing?

You can follow us on our social media platforms for the latest updates, research, and information about hearing and balance disorders. We also regularly host events in the local community.

What is the location of Kensington Hearing? 

Kensington Hearing is conveniently located at 58-60 Kensington Church St, London, W8 4DB. We are just a short walk away from Notting Hill Gate station, with easy access to the Central Line, Circle Line, and District Line. Kensington High Street tube station is also just a five-minute walk away.

What are the operating hours of Kensington Hearing?

Our clinic is open from Monday to Saturday, 8:30 am to 7:30 pm. We also offer appointments on Sundays subject to availability.

How can I contact Kensington Hearing? 

You can reach us by calling 020 7459 4306 or by sending an email to reception@kensingtonhearing.co.uk.

What is the experience of the audiologists at Kensington Hearing? 

All our audiologists are HCPC-registered and have over 5 years of experience in the Hearing Sector. We follow strict BSA guidelines to ensure the highest standard of treatment.

What other services does Kensington Hearing offer?

In addition to our audiology services, we also offer ear wax removal, hearing tests, and a wide range of modern hearing aids personalised to your needs. We also offer home visits throughout London for those who prefer to receive our services in the comfort of their own home.

What resources are available for patients at Kensington Hearing? 

We have a wealth of resources available for our patients, including articles on different types of hearing aids, when to get ear wax removal and a comprehensive guide on ear microsuction. You can find these resources on our website.

At Kensington Hearing, we are dedicated to helping you and your family navigate your healing journey. We believe in providing comprehensive, personalised care to all our patients. If you have any further questions or would like to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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